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I've seen that people continuously think that we are a group for fantrolls and have been submitting artwork that has nothing to do with actual Homestuck artwork, so I'd like to point out that we are not a group for fantrolls. Same goes for memes, we do not accept those either.

We also do not accept Trolls/kids as ponies or Trolls in, say, the Mario world. Sorry!

Also, my friend Dusktalon14 and myself have made a Voice-acting group for Homestuck. We've had it open for quite some time, but I thought some of you would be interested, so I figured I might as well do some shameless self-advertising here.

If you've seen Octopimp's videos on Youtube, that's pretty much what we do. We select voice actors, two per character, and compile them in comics.

However, we desperately need someone who can take our voices and put them together along with the comic, since me and Dusk don't have really good software for that. If you can do that, please let me know!

Or, of course, you can just submit an audition IN A NOTE to the group!


"Summer has just begun and in a small sleepy town where everything seems perfect, dreams are being realised. Except for the few on the fringe of society that live and work at the English Sisters’ Circus and Carnival, the freaks and misfits who have been looked down upon by the whole of society, but remain as entertainment for those same masses daily.

The problem is what happens when you want out and aren’t able to leave? What happens when there’s more to the seedy underbelly of a carnival than you even realize? What happens when the misfits they laugh at have secrets that lay underneath their smiles and laughs?"

Mod, ToxicMoustache here, bringing you a fun roleplay that some of you may be interested in! The Carnivalstuck AU RP takes place in the 1930's, in a small town that has a carnival at its center. The trolls, the mob, exiles and everyone else in the Homestuck Universe are now human, though some have oddities about them; deformed and called freaks by society and put on display. The exiles have fallen from a different universe, in the roleplay, and have brought magic to the world, causing the different people of the carnival and town to gain magical powers.

Are you the slightest bit interested? Then make sure to read the full story, as well as the rules then look over what character slots are open and feel free to then apply!

We definitely need more mob members and exiles to move the plot along, but feel free to apply to any parts you feel comfortable about playing. We'd love to have more members and to be able to move the plot into something amazing! Also, even if you're not interested or are, please help us advertise, we'd be ever so grateful! C8

By the way, I play Meulin and Latula in the group, so feel free to rp with me if you make it in. : D And don't be afraid to talk to me or ask questions.


Also, submissions are now open again. c8 Sorry for needing to close them, I just had to get caught up on over 400 some submissions since they piled up because I am sick.

-Mod, ToxicMoustache
Hey, Homestuck fans! If you have wanted to play SBURB or SGRUB, then here you go: SBARG is an ARG (Alternate Reality game) in which you basically make your own session in SBURB and SGRUB!

You can team up. Here is where you can enter:…

Put your real info in there - don't worry, it won't be given out! Then put down a Pesterchum handle or Trollian or Skype if you don't have either (basically any IMing agent) in the second box!

Then hit go. On the prototyping, you can collect two items in real life, don't freak out about it, it's not on the computer or anything.

This is all that has been done so far, but the game will continue at 10 PM EST (don't worry if you're not up around that time, you can enter later.)

If you want to find team members, feel free to comment down here with your Handle or Trollian or IMing agent!

EDIT: You can now find out your title and aspect! I ended up as the Sylph of Hope!

- iFantasi out!
So first off, a fellow member of our group was bothered with the fact that some of the artwork in our Romantic Art and Fanservice folder was not filtered/did not have a mature tag, etc. etc.

I went through the folder and noticed some of the slightly mature works didn't have mature tags, so for future submitters, please do your groupies a favor and make sure you tag the works that seem to be mature or possibly sensitive to other viewers!

Onto the rules.

We get more and more people submitting join requests and submissions without either posting the secret phrase or that the fact that they break our rules.

We need more ideas. Perhaps a really long banner?

- iFantasi
So, this isn't necessarily the actual rule journal, as those can be seen on the front page, but lots of people are submitting join requests without bothering to read the rules.

Really? We've made the text on the custom box with the rules saying that there's a hidden phrase like a HEADING font, and people STILL are submitting join requests without noticing there are rules, even when the font is huge.

So, I want to ask you members, what do you think we should do to catch people's attention so they actually read the rules before submitting join requests? :)

Feel free to comment!!


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